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Welcome to Zalon Salon Software, the ultimate solution designed to make your salon operations smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.
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Our Special Features
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Easily Manage Appointments with an Intuitive Interface
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Sales Tracking
Monitor and Analyze sales Performance Effortlessly
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Easy Billing
Quick and Accurate invoice Generation for Smooth Checkouts
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Zalon Salon Software
Appointment Management
Managing Appointments Should Not Be a Problem Anymore
Effortlessly schedule, track, and manage appointments with our intuitive interface. Ensure no booking is missed and optimize your salon's schedule for maximum efficiency.
Sales Management
Stay on Top of Your Sales with Ease
Keep a close eye on your sales performance. Monitor transactions, track sales trends, and ensure your business stays profitable with our comprehensive sales management tools.
Billing System
Billing Made Simple and Efficient
Simplify your billing process with our seamless billing feature. Generate invoices quickly and accurately, making the checkout process a breeze for both your staff and clients.
Digital Catalogue
Create Stunning Digital Catalogues with Ease
As a salon owner, build and showcase a stunning digital catalogue of your services and products. Make it easy to manage and present your offerings professionally.
Detailed Reports
Gain Insights with Detailed Reports
Gain valuable insights into your salon's performance. Generate detailed reports on sales, revenue, and commissions to make informed business decisions.
Client Management
Keep Your Client List Organized and Detailed
Manage your client information efficiently with our organized client list feature.
Manage Your Salon at Your Fingertips
Control your salon operations anytime, anywhere with our user-friendly mobile app. From scheduling appointments to tracking sales, manage everything on the go.
Appointment Management
Schedule,track and manage appointments effortlessly with our app
Sales Management
Monitor transactions and track sales trends directly from the app
Commission Calculation
Easily Automate and calculate staff commission for timely Payments
Sunil Khatri
Reports and Analytics
Generate detailed performance reports on sales,revenue and commissions
Staff Management
Manage staff appointments and performance efficiently through the app
Vouchers and Membership
Create and manage vouchers and memberships to boost client retention

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